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Robin Zodiac



Welcome to Well Known Psychic – The Home of Robin Zodiac

Well Known Psychic is the home of Robin Zodiac, a gifted psychic reader who has spent years offering the services of her gift to help people become in touch with themselves, their friends & family and the world around them. Robin Zodiac is the stage name of Robin Hoffman, a single working mom of a precocious pre-teen who is dedicated to making a difference in the world, one person at a time. Robin was born with a gift that allowed her to intuitively know things about people and about their lives that over the years has developed into an exceptional psychic gift that has helped people from all walks of life have a better life and a better understanding of that life. 

What is Robin’s Psychic Gift is able to Help on?
•    Love & Relationships & Sex
•    Careers Goals and Business Success
•    Overcoming Adversity in most Forms of Addictions
•    Family & Friends
•    Spirituality 
•    Life Goals
•    Finance & Money
•    Healing old Would & Wellness Issues
•    Emotional Calm Occurs
•    Understanding Your Purpose in Life
•    Opening New Possibilities in Your Life
•    and so Much More!

Robin Zodiac is a well known psychic who has achieved great success in the psychic world having offered counsel and advice for Hollywood elite and some of the biggest movie studios since the early 1980s. She has starred in several TV series, specials and online series as a well known psychic such as “America’s Psychic Challenge” on Lifetime Network in 2007, “Gifted” on Fox Network in 2007, “The X Effect” on MTV Network 2005, “The Dream Team” on Scifi Network 2003 and more. Robin has also appeared on the Bio Channel’s TV series “Curses” in October 2012. 

For nearly three decades Robin Zodiac has provided her psychic reader gift to the world and offered skilled counsel on to celebrities, politicians, CEOs and more. She is a well known psychicthat has garnered a reputation for providing true, concise and accurate psychic readings that help to offer people advice on anything from the love lives to business decisions and financial issues. Robin Zodiac is a truly gifted woman who goes above and beyond to connect to the Spirit and delve her fingers into the energies all around us to help people in the everyday lives and help them make decisions about the future.